About Your Brand & Productivity Coach!

Disciplined & Value Driven!


My name is Abigail Odonkor. I am so excited to share my passion and lived experience with you! 

In business, you not only need a quality product, you need to build a personal connection with your ideal clients. You need to master the art of being relatable and be memorable!

  • Why am I the right coach to help you build a Magnetic Brand?
  • Why am I the right coach to help you master Time Management?


I have the lived experience of being a woman in corporate while successfully transitioning into entrepreneurship. 

As a certified:

Project Management Professional (PMP), I have 15+ years experience managing projects where time management, differentiation and branding is essential. 

Organizational Change Manager (OCM), I have 9 years experience in stakeholder/customer analysis and adoption techniques.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), I have tools and techniques to help you operate at your highest, productive self.

My personal and product branding stems from my 20+ years in corporate. I learned quickly that those who received promotions, were qualified, had a great reputation and memorable personality! 

Essentially: They branded themselves in the minds of key stakeholders.

In the corporate environment, competition is fierce, so I always found ways to articulate and demonstrate my value!

One of the things that inspire me the most is seeing women entrepreneurs thrive.

Coaching comes natural to me. I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise to help you:

If you are ready to win and operate on the next level, sign up for my Six- week Magnetic Personal Brand Coaching Program now. 

Committed to personal development and the women I serve.